Office of Environmental Sustainability

Committee on Environmental Sustainability

The General Faculty approved the creation of the Committee on Environmental Sustainability (CES) in 2006 as a body that will review, propose and oversee implementation of the Oberlin College Environmental Policy as set forth by the President’s Environmental Policy Advisory Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees in March of 2004. Additionally, the CES will support and facilitate efforts by the College to publicize its role as a leader in campus sustainability and environmental citizenship in general. As such, it will be charged with ensuring that the campus and outside world are educated as to the progress Oberlin is making towards a green campus.

In Fall 2015, after a multi-year progress, the Committee presented an Environmental Implementation Plan to General Faculty. The document reaffirmed the guiding principles of the Environmental Policy, updated progress in various categories, and provided insights and aspirations to be used as a roadmap to making further advancements. The plan was adopted by General Faculty in November 2015.

Six members of the teaching faculty (appointed via standard procedures)

Two students (appointed by Student Senate):

  • Sun Moon
  • David Mathisson

The following ex officio members, or their designates:

  • Meghan Riesterer, Assistant Vice President of Campus Energy and Sustainability
  • Rebecca Skillings, Vice President of Finance and Administration
  • Jim Klaiber, Assistant Vice President for Facilities
  • Ben Jones, Vice President of Communications
  • Kevin Brown, Cheif Facilities Officer
  • Andy Sadouskas, Director of Residential Education Director OR relevant office
  • Heather Adelman, a member or designate of Oberlin City Council (non-voting)

The CES works closely with the Office of Environmental Sustainability. Its authority derives from its status as a standing committee of the General Faculty; and, as such, it will report periodically to the General Faculty on the progress made towards sustainability objectives.