Center for Information Technology

CIT Computer Labs

CIT operates computer labs all across campus and virtual computer labs in the cloud. Our focus is on preserving as many large, physical teaching lab environments as possible and supplementing with flexible, learn-anywhere spaces.

Virtual Computer Lab Software

You can use the web browser on your personal computer to access software that has traditionally been available in the physical, on-campus computer labs in our Virtual Computer Labs.

Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, SPSS and other general software is available on all of our virtual desktops. Specialized STEM virtual desktops have additional software installed that is specific to the academic disciplines which use that virtual desktop. Visit the Virtual Computer Lab Software page for a complete list of available software.

Access the Virtual Computer Labs through OberView

Computer Lab Locations, Equipment

The chart below lists computer lab spaces on campus, whether they have Mac or Windows computers in them, and what peripherals are available in those spaces.

Recommendations and Procedure for Sanitizing Computer Equipment

Equipment in shared and public locations should be frequently disinfected. The following information provides CIT’s guidance on how to disinfect high-touch electronic equipment.

Learn more about how to sanitize computer equipment