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CIT is proud to announce that Box is now available at Oberlin. You’ll have access to 1 terabyte of storage in Box for as long as you’re at Oberlin.

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Why Box?

  • Tons of storage. Securely store up to 1Tb of files under 15 GB in size in Box.

  • Editing. Box has tools that enable you to edit files using Microsoft Office 365 or Google Docs in Box on any device.

  • Sharing. Easily share your files with others. Send files as a link via email or by placing them in your shared folders.

  • Collaboration. Collaborate with individuals or groups as your files evolve. Use Box as a workspace for team projects.

  • Note taking. Box has built-in note taking tools. Make lists, record thoughts, or take class notes inside Box.

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Getting Started

Watch this helpful video demo to learn five skills that will help you develop Box mastery. Check out the Box University YouTube playlist for helpful step-by-step tutorials.

Want more? Log into Box and then visit Box University to take free online courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Box is a cloud content management tool, allowing you to access your content securely anywhere, on any device.

Box enables you to collaborate and share content between multiple departments in one simple tool. It's also secure, a great place to store College-related files.

Active Oberlin faculty, staff, and students are eligible to use Box. Departmental or group accounts are not eligible.

Upon graduation, you will receive an email notifying you that Oberlin will be migrating your account to a personal account.

We recommend adding a secondary non email address on your account before your account migrates to a personal account. 15 days after you receive this email, your account will be automatically migrated to a personal account with a 10 GB quota. If your account contains more than 10GB, it will become read-only until you delete enough content that you are below this quota or you purchase additional space from Box.

After your account has been migrated, we recommend changing the primary email address so that you continue to receive notifications from Box. For further questions, please open a ticket using CIT's Tech Support Portal.

Upon leaving the college, you will receive an email notifying you that the contents of your Box account will be transferred to your immediate supervisor on your departure date. This data will stay with Oberlin. For further questions, please open a ticket using CIT's Tech Support Portal.

You should be able to access your Box account anywhere you have full access to the internet. In countries where internet access is restricted Box may not be available. In restricted areas, using VPN (Virtual Private Network) may enable you to access Box.

Oberlin Box accounts:

  •  1Tb storage in the cloud
  •  Maximum upload size of 15 GB for a single file
  •  File versioning
  •  Password protected sharing

Box Free accounts:

  •  10 GB of free cloud storage 
  •  250 MB maximum upload size for a single file
  •  You cannot do password protected sharing
  •  No detailed file version history

Box is intended for college data only. If you are a faculty or staff member, you should not store any personal content in Box. Upon your departure from the college, all content of your Box will be transferred to your immediate supervisor. 

If you are a student, you are encouraged to use Box primarily for school-related work, but you may also store personal content in Box. If you take a job with Oberlin College after graduation, you will be expected to remove personal content and use your Box account only for college data.

Sensitive college data should always be stored in secure systems and replicated as little as possible. If the data you're storing already exists in a database or system with a designated purpose, you should not also store it in Box. 

If the sensitive data you're storing does not yet have a secure system in which it's being stored and you need to share that data with colleagues, you may put it in Box. Box is secure for FERPA-subject data. If you would like to store HIPAA-subject data in Box, please contact the Help Desk.

If you have any additional questions about what data should be stored in Box or the best place to put your content, please contact the CIT Help Desk at 440-775-8197.

CIT Tech Support Portal Knowledge Base

Your first stop for Box help should be the CIT Tech Support portal. Once logged in, visit the knowledge base and search "Box" to see all of the available how-to guides.

Inside Your Box Account

You can also log in to your Box account and look for the Getting Started with Box folder. This folder appears in each user's account and contains a complete user guide, helpful video tutorials, and links to download Box software.

Open a Support Ticket

If you still have questions or would like to set up an appointment to meet with you, your department, or organization about how to use Box, open a ticket using the CIT Tech Support portal.

We'll get in contact with you to address your questions or set up a time to meet for additional training.