Center for Student Success



ObieCares is designed to provide financial assistance to currently enrolled, high financial need students who are experiencing unexpected financial hardship or an emergency. Students may apply for funds only when other resources have been exhausted. Please be aware that this fund is limited and not all requests will be met with financial assistance.

Examples of an Emergency:

  • Accidents
  • Illness and related medical expenses
  • Death of a family member 

The list above is not exhaustive for all situations for which a student may seek financial assistance. However, the following situations (non-exhaustive list) would not be eligible:

  • Expected tuition and fees and standard living expenses, including summer housing/meal costs
  • Non-essential expenses (e.g., library fines, parking fines)
  • Legal fees

Am I Eligible?

  • I am at risk of not completing my education due to financial hardship.
  • I can provide documentation of the hardship I am facing.
  • I am currently enrolled at Oberlin College.
  • I have exhausted all other resources.

ObieCares funding does not excuse students from participation in college housing and dining per housing and dining college policies.

Application & Review Process

  • Complete the ObieCares Application Form.
  • Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis once the application is complete and financial information is gathered. Typically, applications are reviewed within one week of being received.
  • Once the application is reviewed, you will receive notification about whether you have been approved for funding.
  • If this is an emergency that involves your safety or wellbeing, please contact Campus Safety at (440) 775-8444. For all other requests, please complete the ObieCares application.