Center for Intercultural Engagement

About the Center for Intercultural Engagement

The mission of the Center or Intercultural Engagement (CIE) is to recognize, embrace and celebrate the intersectionality of student identities at Oberlin College and Conservatory in an effort to create a sense of inclusion and belonging.

The CIE brings together the Office for Disability and Access, International Student and Scholar Services, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, and the Multicultural Resource Commons to create programming that leverages the strengths of each area under the aegis of intercultural engagement. With coordinated efforts and resources, students will benefit from a seamless enterprise that both separately and together celebrates the unique attributes of our students while engaging them in their commonalities. Through increased dialogue, students will be able to understand the full spectrum of ideas, ideologies, and experiences that comprise our student body and respond to them respectfully and proactively.

To this end, we seek to support students through one-on-one engagement, substantive and interdepartmental programming, and through outreach to campus and community partners and allies. In order to create a sense of inclusion and belonging for all members of our community, we project through word and deed a spirit of open communication and help to remove barriers