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In which Zoë abuses the privileges that her status as a senior provides her

November 12, 2010

Zoe McLaughlin ’11

On Monday, I registered for classes. That was the last time I will ever register for classes at Oberlin (still a thought that hasn't really sunk in), so I tried to register for as many classes as possible, in an effort to put off making any real decisions about my last semester for another few months.

For most of my time at Oberlin, it's been pretty clear what classes I needed to take each semester. There was some variability--Which literature class did I want to take? Which social science?--but overall everything was pretty much predetermined. At the end of this semester, though (assuming I pass), I'll be done with my biochemistry major, and I'll have only one class left in my creative writing major. That leaves a lot of extra credits to take whatever I want.

So here is what I'm currently registered for (don't worry, underclassmen, I'll be dropping a lot of these classes):

Bioanalytical Chemistry--This is a seminar in the chemistry department, and I'm pretty excited for it. I once thought I would be an organic chemist, but now I'm leaning more toward analytical chemistry. I hope that this course will help me make up my mind a little more. I am not dropping this one.

Principles of Computer Science I--Because computer science is just a good thing to know. I've meant to take a computer science class for a long time but never gotten around to it. Will this be my semester?

Chinese Calligraphy--When I was a first-year, I considered this class because I thought it would help me learn to memorize Chinese characters. Then I realized I didn't have enough credits to keep taking Chinese, so I didn't take it. Now, though, I have the time, and it seems like a very cool class.

Headlines in the History of Life--This is a two-credit, one-module geology class. There's a part of me that really loves geology and hates the fact that I never let that develop beyond a hobby of collecting rocks everywhere I go. This class is about geology. And also extinctions. Both things that I love.

Discrete Mathematics--Again, this is just a good thing to know. And I've heard good things about the class. But do I want to take a math class my last semester? That is the question I am currently asking myself. Do I just like math in theory, but not in practice?

Introduction to the Qur'an--I wrote a piece for Nonfiction earlier this semester where I wanted to work in some things about Islam. As soon as I tried, though, I realized that it was impossible because I just don't know enough about the Qur'an. Hopefully this class will at least point me in the right direction to start understanding it. That, and I've always wanted to take a religion class.

This schedule obviously doesn't include some things that I'll definitely be taking, namely my creative writing capstone project and research. That's the reason that I got to register for so many classes and yet be so unsure about most of them. Stay tuned to find out what I actually decided to take.

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