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Ruby Saha ’14

Hi! I’m Ruby. I’m Bengali, which means I subsist on fish and rice, wear brightly colored garments and sometimes say words that don’t sound like English because they’re not. I was born in the tropical land of Indonesia, which is why I hate cold weather; I picked up my confusing accent when I briefly lived in Sydney, Australia; I now divide my time between a little college town you may have heard about called Oberlin, and a jigsaw-puzzle of cultures and languages that is the tiny South-East Asian island of Singapore, which is not located anywhere near or in China.

I’m a violinist and an art historian. I’m a metalhead, but I love film soundtracks; I hate tomatoes, but I love sundried tomatoes. I like to soak up the sun surrounded by my favourite people. My passion in life is good food. I’m ethnically ambiguous, which means I like to make people guess where I’m from — I think my favourite so far is Zanzibar.

Somehow I made it to being a second year, and the last year of my life has been a rollercoaster of experiences both in and out of the classroom. I took classes that I still can’t pronounce, saw snow for the first time in my life, added another language to my ever-growing collection, taught myself how to cook oatmeal (it’s a big deal, okay), clashed with a professor over the spelling of ‘color’, lost a beloved member of my family and learned to appreciate the beauty of a home-cooked meal. I’ve discovered that I love everything to do with the Middle East, and that I am never going to take another physics class as long as I live. I’m not the same person I was when I left home last year. My life at Oberlin has opened me to a wealth of experiences and this is barely even the beginning.

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Ten Things I Wish I'd Known: Inside the Classroom

July 2, 2011

To be fair to my parents, they did tell me most of this, but it was easy to dismiss their experiences as being far removed from my own. As your peer, I hope that this will be useful to you and will help you to put yourself in the right frame of mind for what you should expect come September, without feeling overwhelmed.


A Ruby By Any Other Name

November 2, 2010

Have I ever mentioned that I have a love/hate relationship with introductions? Now you know. I'm going for an introduction that scratches beneath the surface of that protective layer of identification and gives you more of a sense of what makes me tick... without risking identity theft, hopefully.