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December 7, 2008

Emily Robinson ’12

I feel like I've stumbled upon the Fountain of Youth, or the secret to immortality, or something of equal importance.

So, in college, everything really seems to sneak up on you. Time passes faster than it ever has before...in my opinion, anyway. One day it's September 2nd and you're freaking out about your classes starting, then the next day, it's December 7th and you're freaking out about your classes ending. Strange. I knew I would have a lot of work to do near the end of the semester, but it always seemed so far off. Until Friday.

I was at a Marching Band Council meeting in Stevenson, and we were talking about when to have the end-of-semester band party. They were talking about doing it during reading period, but everyone's schedules seemed to clash. I was thinking, why not do it next weekend instead? Then I looked at my calendar. WAIT. There was no other weekend...only reading period. AHHHH.

So, I woke up Saturday morning and sat around staring at Facebook for an hour, stressing out about all the work I had to do in such a short amount of time. Then, I stumbled upon the greatest revelation of all time.

The secret to eliminating work-related stress: DO THE WORK.

Wow! That had never occurred to me before. In high school, I put every paper off until 12 am on the day they were due. Then, I'd work from 12 am to 8 am, freaking out the entire time. Looking back, it doesn't make much sense.

I always somehow felt that if I put them off long enough, my papers would get tired of waiting and just go ahead and write themselves. I waited and wait, but it never happened. Sigh.

This revelation has changed my life for the better. I worked all day yesterday, and eliminated a good chunk of my homework. So, today, I have time to eat, sleep, blog, knit...and, yeah, do more work. But, hey, it's got to get done eventually. Let's hope for sooner rather than later.

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