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Emily Robinson ’12

My name is Emily Robinson, and I'm a freshman college student fromMoraga, California. I'm still very unsure of my major, but I'm usingmy indecisiveness as a perfect excuse to explore all that Oberlin hasto offer.

I've been studying flute for 10 years, so music has always been a hugepart of my life. Unsurprisingly, it has become the focus of myextracurricular life at Oberlin as well. Music has always been themost fun for me when it's relaxing and laid back, so I've beenenjoying many opportunities to make music with a multitude of talentedpeople. I'm a member of the Oberlin College Marching Band, and I playin the College Community Wind Ensemble.

When I have a moment of spare time, I make sculptures out of therecyclable crap that I've been hoarding under my bed for the last fewmonths and pursue other random artistic endeavors. Eventually, I hopeto start a small business selling my art. Until then, my dorm roomwill continue to overflow with cereal box robots - and I'm entirelyokay with that.

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Time to Breathe

February 11, 2009

Every time I look at my day planner, I get a little bit freaked out. With the 22 credit hours worth of work I am doing this semester, well...my calendar can get a bit crazy.


All I've Learned

January 25, 2009

I thought I'd share with you 10 things I have learned during my time at home, and despite their narrow margin of relevance, maybe they'll come in handy someday.