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Radia Lahlou ’18

Hey there! I’m Radia, a second-year from Carbondale, Illinois, a little college town 6 hours south of Chicago. Despite going from one small Midwestern town to another, I’m so happy to call Oberlin my home for the next four years. I like words, drawing faces, and learning new things from passionate people.

This year, I'm a member of Keep Co-op and couldn't be happier about it. Beans, tofu, and community... what more does one need? I also just recently declared a major in anthropology, a minor in french, and am in the process of creating an individual major in linguistics. This plan may be too ambitious, but we'll see. I'm interested in almost everything, and I love that Oberlin gives me the opportunity to create my own interdisciplinary education—studying words and people is just what I need.

Other things: I work for Oberlin's Sexual Information Center (SIC) and am the spring/fall Sexual Offense Policy Advocate (SOPA), so if you're in OSCA, you'll be seeing my face poster-ed all over your co-op's walls soon. I love talking about all things related to sexual health, reproductive justice, and community support and am eager to continue to learn more. Oh, and I also just decided to study abroad next year in Paris, which I'm very excited about.

This semester, I aspire to read a lot, listen more, and take in the world around me in more intentional ways.

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Winter Term, We Meet Again

February 2, 2016

This January, along with 6 other Oberlin students and 2 professors, I travelled to France for the sake of creating a documentary on French wine and wine making. Knowing nothing about wine or film made for an interesting, enriching and unbelievably fun experience.