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Rachel Gibson '20

Tower​ City, PA
Major: Percussion

Practicing ​percussion, ​playing theremin, TIMARA, free improvisation, experimental music, MaxMSP, Doctor Who

Hi! My name is Rachel Gibson, and I am a percussion performance major! As of now, I am the only female classical percussionist in the Conservatory! I love tinkering and finding new ways to create different sounds within the wonderful world of the percussion family. I am also involved in the TIMARA (Technology in Music and Related Arts) program, which helps me expand my sonic horizons and allows me to combine percussion with electronics!

As a performance major, I love practicing and spending quality time with my instruments. When I’m not in the practice room, I am playing in ensembles like the orchestra or the contemporary music ensembles. On a side note, I am a percussionist by day and a theremin player by night! I love free improvisation with theremin, and I play in Oberlin’s Improvisation and New Music Collective (OINC). In fact, most of my work in the TIMARA program is currently centered around exploring the theremin and its capabilities. I am the proud owner of two theremins!

When I’m not running around like a crazy busy person, I like taking walks, sometimes running, playing Pokemon games, and watching Doctor Who.

However, usually if I’m not playing music, I’m thinking about it.

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