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Music and More #9 - Performance anxiety and Pedagogy

February 7, 2015

Hannah Parkins ’16 and Davis Erickson ’16

Hi podcast fans! Welcome to second semester! This is another special episode. On this installment of Music and More we talk about our winter term adventures and what we did in lieu of class. Enjoy!

  • What is Winter Term? What did we do? 0:40
  • Teaching saxophonists using tuba abilities 2:49
  • "Davis, what was the most rewarding part of your project?" 3:36
  • Arts funding in public schools 4:35
  • Society and STEM types of intelligences, "Creativity is as important as literacy" (Unknown/Ken Robinson) 5:39
  • "High school guidance counselors tell the students not to take music..." 6:44
  • Instruments, gender stereotypes, and one brave new tubist/feminist 7:10
  • Performance anxiety 7:39
  • Exercise as a tool to mitigate anxiety 8:12
  • Exercise can have the same benefits as antidepressants 8:48
  • Shoutout to Melissa Kravets 9:01
  • Physical response to anxiety on stage 9:48
  • Eminem 9:55
  • The first stage of anxiety is anticipation 10:15
  • Technique of replacing negative emotion with a challenge mentality 10:52
  • "Did this help you learn to practice better?" 11:22
  • Having a 'clear head' is part of slowing down in a performance, reduces stress 11:49
  • Beta Blockers 12:20

Thanks for listening! Hang in there you guys, the semester just started and it's gonna be a good one. We can do this!

With confidence,
Team H&D

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