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A Love Letter to Biggs GoYeo

December 19, 2022

Ariel Roberts ’25

Ah, Biggs GoYeo. My favorite of all the dining locations on campus, a smoothie joint located in the Stevenson building, a small but impactful place. The first time I ordered a Go Mango Go, after one sip I fell in love and knew I would be a frequent visitor. I made it a mission to try every combination there was, from the house blends to the pick-your-own combos, from the greens to the purples to the pinks. I’ll admit, I have my favorite go-tos that are curbing the progress of my mission, but once you find your perfect mix, it’s hard to resist. 

In the warmer months, a Biggs smoothie is the perfect way to cool down and hydrate with tropical blends and refreshingly healthy sips. Even in the colder months, I can’t resist the temptation of a strawberry-banana smoothie, suffering through the brain freeze for the sweet flavor. Some people need their daily coffee from Azzy’s, I need my daily smoothie from Biggs. Even if it means freezing my hands off as I walk through the snow with my drink in hand.

One of the things that makes Biggs smoothies so irresistible is that they’re made with fresh fruit and not sugary artificial mixes. Especially if you add things like chia seeds or protein powder, you really feel like you’re drinking something healthy. Many student athletes frequent Biggs because of these add-ins, but students of all kinds love to grab a smoothie in between classes. The staff at Biggs are also super friendly and more than happy to chat with you while they blend up your smoothie. The atmosphere is always light-hearted and sure to brighten your day. 

Just recently, Biggs, along with some other dining halls, upgraded to a self-order kiosk where you can easily select your drink on a touchpad screen. You have the option to choose the specialty blends or your own selection of fruits, milk, juice, mix-ins, yogurt, and sweetener. Every time I go in, I play around with the different options and see what new concoctions I can craft. 

Here’s one of my special blends: mango, mixed berries, kale, apple juice, soy milk, and flax seeds. I like to call it The Mudd, because it’s perfect brain food for sipping while studying in Mudd, and the kale causes it to blend up to a brown color that rather looks like mud. Don’t let the color fool you, though; it’s the perfect amount of sweetness.

I also have other secret recipes that I’ll never tell. Unless, of course, you pass me in Biggs and ask me for a smoothie suggestion. Then maybe I’ll let you in on the gold.

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