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Lilah Drafts-Johnson ’18

Hi! My name is Lilah and I’m from Melrose — a small town outside of Boston. I am a senior and a double major in Latin American Studies and Politics. I studied abroad in Santiago, Chile my junior year, and I love to talk about language learning. I’m also interested in sport and cultural studies, and work as a TA for the Sports, Culture, and Society course cluster. Extracurricularly, I’m a captain for the varsity track and field team, work as a peer trainer for Oberlin’s sexualized violence prevention program PRSM, and volunteer as a student instructor for the Spanish teaching program SITES at Eastwood Elementary. Oberlin and writing are two of my favorite things, so I’m so excited to share my Oberlin experience with you. If you see me around campus let’s make eye contact and smile! Happy reading!

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May 18, 2018

Why commit hours of your precious time in college to practice a sport?


A Piece of Advice

February 11, 2018

The best piece of advice I received in high school, and how I've applied it to my life at Oberlin.