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Hello, world.

October 12, 2009

Alicia Smith ’10

Hello, world. My name is Alicia, but a lot of people call me Fresh. The nickname was given to me during my first year here and it just stuck. I'm a senior sociology major hailing from our beautiful neighbor to the north, Michigan. I was actually born in Ohio, though--Akron specifically. My dad says I was probably born in the same hospital bed as LeBron James. He's probably right because I definitely have baller status.

I particularly enjoy watching the Food Network, working out, having long thoughtful discussions, driving long distances in Wanda the Honda [my car], and writing--especially about myself, which is why I am very excited to get the ball rolling with this blog.

You will often find my humor to be rather dry, my tone to be rather sarcastic, my personality to be unbelievably charming, and my life to be particularly addicting to read about (just to warn you).

Okay, in all seriousness, I hope everyone enjoys reading my blog. If anyone has any questions about Oberlin, the Food Network, or life in general, I will do my best to answer you honestly and thoroughly. In fact, I love answering questions. So please, ask away.


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