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May 27, 2010

Karl Orozco ’13

So! A few things that I figured I'd like to share:

  1. Oberlin was in the NY Times! Here's a link to the article! Specifically, the Oberlin Apparel design challenge that I was a part of was featured this past Sunday in an article written by Tamar Lewin. I was interviewed a couple weeks ago by Ms. Lewin and was photographed with a couple of other students involved, Margot and Justin, the Friday before leaving Oberlin. I think I look kind of funny in the picture they chose. No, that wasn't a pre-planned pose or anything. Sigh.

  2. After much heckling throughout the school year, I finally went to Shake Shack in NYC with Alex and Kira, two awesome friends from Oberlin. Needless to say, it was delicious! And now, I want another Arnold Palmer. Is that so much to ask? Also, I'm not sure if Kira and I are the only bizarre people that do this, but I thoroughly enjoy analyzing company logos, color schemes, fonts, and interior design. In case you were wondering, we both highly approve of Shake Shack's aesthetic as well.

  3. Here's a fun video involving lots of friends from Oberlin and several landmarks throughout Oberlin's campus. This music video, featuring the song "Daylight" by Matt & Kim, is dedicated to Emily and Joe, who will both sadly be transferring out of Oberlin. I helped film some of the scenes, but all credit is given to David Fegley for organizing the whole shooting process and editing the final movie. As an added incentive, you get to see me dance like an idiot!


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