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March 12, 2012

Ruby Turok-Squire ’16

Date! Yum.
One track mind, sorry.

Did you see the trail across balloons on Tappan Square the other week? Of course you did! Because it was a very, very, very important day. The most important, actually, ever. Jane and Annie are NINETEEN!! Celebrations included:

Birthday Cake 1

What a great hand!! It's looking for hidden lucky raisins deep down in the sponge - they guarantee you one wish each. English tradition, say no more.

Aaaand...Birthday cake 2, a la Stevie!!!

A lot of things mushed together with a fork candle.


Yes, that is a cuddly squirrel (Milo, brother of Albus, see this post) and yes, those are cuddly moose binoculars (all the way from Banff), yes that is a cute as hell cuddly germ, and yip yip, that is indeed a koala key holder wrist strap.

At the exact minutes of birth, we ran laps of honour around Stevie to celebrate. Sadly, most people had left by then, so they missed the spectacle. Also, on the weekend we went to the Feve (a restauranty bar in town - Oberlin may be small but it has a bar! No worries, prospies), and I see another opportunity to talk about food. The mushroom burger was way, way too small. But really good. Will order two next time. Had to get extra hummus and pitta to fill the void.

Moral of the story: balloons make everything better!

I am calling this the flag of upside down France. It deserved a balloon. Oh wait, is that Russia? That is Russia.

So, I have also been sleeping less and less, working more and more, procrastinating mucho mucho, and talking loads:

Guest appearance on my friend Sivan's radio show on WOBC (Oberlin College Radio), Music Talk Hour, where we talk about music for an hour!

I want to live in WOBC. Actually inside the radio itself. It's so much fun. But when you're on the radio, you wear these headphones and you can hear yourself talking with a slight delay, which is really strange and not in a good way. It's like, I can't believe I actually sound like that! Yuck. Will have to get a new accent someday...maybe Swedish.

If you listen v. closely after the break (38.10 to be precise), you'll hear me say 'Where's Isaac?' quietly and throw poor Sivan off track. Got a bit of a glare too. But I had to get the message out to the whole world, because at the time of recording, I thought my good friend Isaac who works in Stevie had gone missing. It later turned out he just has Mondays and Tuesdays off and now he's back in full flow, giving me presents of Oberlin Inn Restaurant coupons and bananas as usual. I LOVE ISAAC and will do a blog on him one day, as soon as he lets me take a photo with him and his magical grape sweeper-upper.

Please say you got the sarcasm in my Justin Bieber comment early on. And don't go googling the dub-step remix! Oh thank god, Bieber is not yet recognised as a word in Microsoft! The world is a good place.

Last semester, I only had one exam - and that was for music tech, so it was a doddle - I just had to memorise the types of microphones - oh, what useful knowledge that was! I did like that cardiod microphones have a heart-shaped pick-up pattern, that's cute. They obviously tried to sound clever by calling it the 'cardiod microphone', when really it should be the 'heart microphone'. Because it doesn't look like a real heart with arteries and all, does it? Jeez. And who wouldn't buy a heart microphone? It sounds lovely. Anyway, now I have all these horrible scary tests coming up (physics, maths, etc), and I should be revising as I write this. Eeeek! I'm seriously considering taking every single class Pass/No Pass.

I have realised what's missing in my life. I need a pet!! Even if it's a terrapin (strangely, all you're allowed in Oberlin dorms is fish or terrapins), I might go for it. I just need anything that will be cuddled and wag at me. A terrapin crossed with a dog would be ideal.

Or a fossa.

I'm going to introduce a new section to my blogs: the rare animal featurette.

Episode 1!

Why hello there, I'm a fossa! My name's Anastasia, but my close friends call me Gladys. If you haven't noticed, I am very gorgeous. I live in Madagascar, and I evolved from a lemur into a cat, because there were no predators in Madagascar and lots of yummy monkeys just waiting to be eaten! A cat monkey! However, be aware that fossas are not considered a suitable animal to choose for a project in Biology 102, because the teaching assistant/grumpy librarian says there's not enough info on it in the database. Well, we fossas are just too cool for databases.

Oh my god, I have sooo many animals just waiting to be featuretted!! How does this relate to Oberlin? Um, we have albino squirrels, they're rare too...? Talking of albino squirrels, Oberlin needs to get involved with this pronto:

Albino Squirrel Preservation Society

I think I should set up a club for this right now! After I do my homework. Bye, guys - look forward to meeting the cutest flightless parrot in the world next week.

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