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Geeking Out, or "So you think you're a Harry Potter nerd"

October 28, 2009

Alice Ollstein ’10

Of course the first 'Sco trivia night I attend is Harry Potter Night. Of course. I have, after all, been in love with the series since I was eleven, and was always the same age as Harry growing up until the books got longer and heftier and I zoomed ahead. I admit it: I attended several midnight book release parties at various independent bookstores in L.A. Maybe I dressed up as Rita Skeeter, the ethically questionable journalist. Maybe I cried during the final book. A lot.

Anyways, back to Oberlin and the 'Sco. The 'Sco is the Dionysus Disco, Oberlin's student bar and dance club, conveniently located in the basement of the student union. 'Sco trivia night, if I understand it correctly, is somewhat of a tradition. Teams pay a bit to register, and the winning team gets some of the cash collected that night. There's usually a theme, three rounds, bumping music, and silly commentary provided by the student MCs. Also, for those of age, a bar with very cheap beer and a good selection.

This week was no different, except a couple students showed up in capes, and the team names were overwhelmingly obscure Harry Potter sexual puns. My teammates, like me, were all lovers of the series, and we feverishly quizzed each other before the game began. "Name every spell you can remember! Name the members of Dumbledore's Army!"

Not long into the game, the questions got ridiculously specific and we could feel our confidence slipping. We soon realized that dorky as we are, we were getting out-dorked. That's Oberlin for you. In the end, I didn't win. The Dumblewhores won. But I was proud to remember both the 3 D's of apparition AND Ron's favorite Quidditch team. More than anything, it was a self-help group for Harry Potter fans distraught that the series had ended, wandering like lost lambs. The message: "You are not alone. Others are even more obsessed than you."

But really, it was a rare chance to have fun with good friends on a Monday night. Unfortunately, it is now Tuesday and I have to read for my Politics class. G'night!


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