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November 25, 2008

Zoe McLaughlin ’11

As I write this (but not as I type this, because I'll be doing that later), I'm drinking egg nog left over from my dinner at Lord/Saunders. That's right, I ventured to south campus to eat dinner tonight. I live in Asia House which, while not the furthest north you can get, definitely isn't south. It's also right next to Stevenson, another dining hall, which means that I generally eat there all the time.

But today my friends and I, possibly spurred on by the upcoming vacation, decided to search out better food at Lord/Saunders. Which isn't to say that the food at Stevenson is bad, necessarily, but it gets old after a while, especially if you stayed up too late writing a paper the night before and can't be creative with your food selections. A change of pace is nice, and you get to see food that often shows up at Stevenson only rarely (like macaroni and cheese, which is what I went to eat).

The food, as expected, was really good. I ate much more than I should have, starting with the macaroni and cheese, moving on to some delicious fried chicken, and then rounding out the mix with some more macaroni. And that's not counting the pumpkin cookies and egg nog and other assorted treats that were added on as an afterthought to my dinner.

Besides the food (which was amazing, need I say it again?), I also ran into a lot of people who I never see at Stevenson. My partner in crime at breakfast (we try to eat together every morning, but, due to both of our faults, this usually falls through) was there, along with a visiting professor from China who I keep running into, and several other people who I thought ate at co-ops, since I've never seen them in any dining hall.

The night was, therefore, a huge success for everyone involved. Hopefully we'll be going back soon, but the walk is still as long as ever, and the threat of snow makes it even more treacherous...

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