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Finals Week Woes

December 6, 2009

Alice Ollstein ’10

I have a 25-page senior English thesis due Tuesday, a 10-page Politics paper due Friday, a three-minute dance to choreograph, and studying studying studying. I have spent the weekend locked in my room or the library to do nothing but tackle this mountain, but I had to see my friend in an incredible dance showcase called Fall Forward on Friday night, followed by a fundraiser at the 'Sco for a women's health clinic where I got to get my boogie on. Saturday afternoon was a panel of undocumented students from University of Illinois Chicago about the challenges and injustices they face in trying to get an education. I got a bit of work done in the afternoon but soon enough it was time to troop over to Tank Co-op for an incredible Thai special meal cooked by my dear friend. Sunday afternoon was taken up with my Nicaragua committee's meeting. This week is crunch time for the committee as well, as we're doing three separate fundraisers and coordinating an all-OSCA vote! Try getting 620 distracted college students to vote on a microloan in Nicaragua. I dare you.

Then Sunday night I just had to put in a (long) appearance at the last milonga (or "tango dance" for all you non-milongueros) of the semester. As there are many more proficient female students than male students, the teacher of the ExCo -- Timmy Tango himself -- entices tango leads from Cleveland and the surrounding area to come take us on a spin around the dance floor. It was wonderful to close my eyes and move to the music and forget about fundraising and papers and stress.

Late Sunday night reality check. I'm doomed! So much work! However, the upcoming events I simply must attend, finals be damned, include:

-an "alternative" Nutcracker Ballet where students (including a member of my Nicaragua trip!) will dance hip-hop, Bollywood, modern, etc. to the traditional music
-a production of The Seagull that is rumored to be amazing
-my own 'Sco fundraiser next Saturday featuring Oberlin's live salsa band! We'll be raising funds for our Nicaragua trip and hope to get quite a crowd.

If I can pull all this off, it will truly be a winter miracle. Wish me luck!

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