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Ben Smith ’24

Hello! My name is Benjamin ‘‘Ben’’ Smith, and I am a second-year flute performance major, who is also exploring East Asian studies with a concentration in Korea. I grew up in Monroe, Georgia—a small town that is simultaneously a suburb of Atlanta yet still in the middle of nowhere—and have lived there my whole life. I love making music with others and tend to spend more time making Lo-Fi arrangements of my favorite video game tracks than advised (they’re tone warm-ups, I promise).

There is a very high probability you’ll find me in one of two places on campus: 1) in a practice room or 2) in my dorm room drinking instant coffee and listening to the Pokémon Diamond & Pearl soundtrack for the millionth time through. Some things never get old. 

I’m thrilled to be able to share a few stories with anyone who wishes to read them. On the off chance you see me outside my dorm, feel free to say hi! Running late is one of my biggest fears, so I usually have quite a few extra minutes to spend walking to class. I may still look stressed—like I am potentially running late—but do not be deceived! I probably just haven’t had enough coffee.

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