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Ben Smith ’24

Hello! My name is Benjamin ‘‘Ben’’ Smith, and I am a third-year flute performance major, who is also exploring East Asian studies with a concentration in Korea. I grew up in Monroe, Georgia—a small town that is simultaneously a suburb of Atlanta yet still in the middle of nowhere—and have lived there my whole life. I love making music with others, and tend to spend more time making Lo-Fi arrangements of my favorite video game tracks than advised (they’re tone warm-ups, I promise).

There is a very high probability you’ll find me in one of two places on campus: 1) in a practice room or 2) in my dorm room drinking instant coffee and listening to the Pokémon Diamond & Pearl soundtrack for the millionth time through. Some things never get old. 

I’m thrilled to be able to share a few stories with anyone who wishes to read them. On the off-chance you see me outside my dorm, feel free to say hi! Running late is one of my biggest fears, so I usually have quite a few extra minutes to spend walking to class. I may still look stressed—like I am potentially running late—but do not be deceived! I probably just haven’t had enough coffee.

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