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Commencing and things, part II

June 3, 2012

Chinwe Okona ’13

To my two dearest 'Obie' comrades and now Oberlin graduates,

Thank you. Thank you for every meal at Stevie, and every Friday AND Saturday night rager. Thank you for being fellow athletes and for coming to every volleyball game. Thanks for holding down the East Asian study rooms during finals, and being great company in the Science Library and the basement of Burton, into the wee hours of the night. Thanks for wicky wicky oo oo and Jack Johnson. Thank you for asking for my advice, and dishing out advice of your own. Thanks for the Looney Toons on Friday afternoons. Thank you for Agave in the bandstand and that first night we got pizza at 2 am. Thanks for the best out of thirty-one, and for the both of you holding my hands all the way back to East and Burton (this is probably my favorite memory of all time). Thanks for telling me straight up when I was wrong, and giving me a hard time even when I was right. Thanks for always treating me like a bro, even when I was crying into your pillows. Thanks for the Don Omar while making pasta and allll of the creme brulee. Thanks for Spring Break 2011, J-King y Maximan. Thank you for introducing me to your families. Thanks for all of the Chipotle runs, and 'Sco stage nights. Thanks for the sleepovers, and letting me crawl into bed first thing in the morning on the weekends to talk. Thanks for all the Skype dates from Indiana to Florida, to San Francisco to Chicago. Thanks for the red Adidas soccer shorts and the Michelle Rodriguez poster. Thank you for keeping my secrets, and trusting me to keep yours too. Thanks for being honest, especially when the girls weren't that cute. Thank you for the tippy-top, low AND high key tho. Thanks for waking me up every morning at 9 am during Commencement Week with the Circle of Life. Thank you a million times for all the things I'm forgetting and all the things that are too inappropriate to mention. Thank you for being big brothers, and best friends. You've both shaped a huge portion of my Oberlin experience and I love you two, more than I'll ever be able to say. So, yeah. Thanks for all that.



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