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November 2, 2010

Ma'ayan Plaut ’10

I sort of collect blogs. My first blog, my Livejournal, just turned six years old this past fortnight. That is a very long time, considering that blog has seen me through two distinct stages of my life (Hawaii and the beginning of Oberlin) and inadvertently got me noticed by the powers that be at the Office of Communications to create the beautiful Oberlin poster that's making its way around the world.

In addition to my almost completely defunct Livejournal, I also possess several additional blogs: a food blog, a blog for my photography class from a few years ago, a casual photoblog on Tumblr, and this blog.* My Oberlin blog is my current pride and joy, as I take time to update it regularly, and I use it to expound on the wonderful world that is Oberlin (as well as indulging myself with my sprawling thoughts on slightly unrelated topics, but if Oberlin allows for anything, it's encouraging deep thoughts).

Why do we blog? I began blogging as a way to connect with far-away friends, then my far-away family, and then as a way to share my creative work with others and to share my beautiful life with all of you, dear readers. Luckily, Ben Jones is on a similar (web)page as me, and after cleverly crafting the incredibly successful MIT blogs, came back to Oberlin and started the Oberlin blogs. And then he hired me and lots of other cool kids to share Oberlin with the world, through honest and passionate eyes and words. Which is totally freaking sweet.

Why all this hype about blogging, right now? Independent of chalking up yet another year of blogging to my resume (since my Livejournal is now in first grade and my Oberlin blog has learned to walk and is considering learning to read now in the beginning of its third year), I had the pleasure of being involved with the hiring process of this year's new crop of bloggers. Over the past few weeks, I and the blogger selection committee read applications, perused blogs, and made some important decisions. As demi-goddess of the Oberlin blogs, I've had a ton of fun compiling the biographies for our new hires, doing impromptu photoshoots, and now, presenting them to the world.

Chinwe, Christine, Dan, Ida, Patrick, Ruby, and Sophia... hi guys! Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! I'm really glad you're here!

*So, since starting this post, I started collaborating on yet another blog with two other alums... more on this new blog to come.

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