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And for the rest of January...

December 26, 2009

Zoe McLaughlin ’11

At the beginning of this semester, I started getting all this mail asking me to fill out paperwork so that I could graduate in May. I have enough credits that I look like a senior, even though I'll actually be graduating next year. I'm using those extra credits to help me comfortably double major. Nevertheless, I kept getting the letters in my mailbox and after a while, they started getting to me. I started thinking about graduation and what I'm going to do after graduation, and I started drawing a big blank.

So I decided to take advantages of the resources available to me. I made an appointment with Career Services to talk about my future, and since then I've been going about every other week to talk about things like what careers might be of interest considering my double major, how to get in contact with alumni who might help me, and what I should do over the summer. Earlier in the semester, that last one was what I should do over Winter Term, but as you'll soon read, that's now been figured out.

After Nicaragua, I'll be interning at the Rochester Museum and Science Center. It's not the traditional research position that biochem majors normally pursue, but then again, I'm not a typical biochem major. I've started really looking for something I can do that will combine both my science background and my interest in writing. This could be one such opportunity.

I'll be working on creating curriculum for teachers based on the museum's exhibits. I'll also get to work with some very cool museum employees. One of them writes and produces plays for the museum about science. That sounds like a really great job, if you ask me.

So once I get back from Nicaragua, that's what I'll be doing. As for Nicaragua, I leave on Monday. I hear there are internet cafes, but I probably won't be frequenting any of them, so don't expect anything out of me for the next couple of weeks.

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