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Alexandria Cunningham ’16

Hey everybody! I'm Alex, a fourth-year Africana Studies and sociology double major in the college. I am born and raised in the heart of the south side of Chicago and yes, I am a Posse Scholar as well. I fell in love with Oberlin during an Multicultural Visit Program Weekend (now Access Oberlin) and have been a happy student ever since.

As a student I am really interested in issues of social inequality, education, politics, African American literature and the experiences of students of color. My experiences in the classroom have been amazing—discussing questions of identity and critiquing what I believe to be "common knowledge" as well as finding new ways to engage with world issues.

Outside of the classroom, I am involved as a campus overnight host through the Office of Admissions, where I spend a lot of time encouraging prospective students of color to visit, apply to, and enroll at Oberlin. I also work in the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment so I really love helping students figure out parts of their life at Oberlin.

I am also involved with several cultural groups and spaces on campus, specifically for the Africana Community. I am a part of ABUSUA, our Black Student Union, as well as Sisters of the Yam (SOY), which is a group for African American women as well as other womyn of color. Generally, I can be spotted around campus either laughing or smiling with a group of pretty cool folks but if you see me definitely say hey :)

Entries from this blogger

Dear Graduate,

May 26, 2016

Spirits are rejoicing all across the nation as commencement happens. Here are a few words to my fellow graduates (as well as myself) to keep as we all move forward in life.


What Do I Do It For?

November 7, 2014

Why college? Is it the only option? When you get here, what will you find here? College is a beautiful fancy world but from time to time we must all ask ourselves... what do I do it for?


To Be Loved

September 9, 2014

I had a great first week of school and it was because of all the positivity and love around me. So I got creative and wrote a post about loving the love around me and extending it further.



August 25, 2014

In light of the rising of Ferguson, MO to mass media attention and the ever increasing black and brown bodies being lost, I took some time to reflect on what I am called to do. First and foremost was to qualify what this blog is for and to set the tone for what is to come.


Celebrate Your Story

February 11, 2014

It is Black History Month and as we celebrate the legacy of African American cultural heritage and experience nationwide, let us also find ways to connect that same history to our own Oberlin narratives.


Wild 'n Wiser

January 21, 2014

What does it mean to find yourself (metaphorically that is)? Is it your wild intuition? Is it your carefree personality? What makes self-discovery useful for you?


Declaration Trumpet

October 23, 2013

I am center stage with my declaration trumpet, playing passionate rifts of commitment to my interests, scores of love for the fields, and songs of confidence stemming from my assurance of choosing the right path.