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Runnin' Away With Me

March 28, 2014

Alexandria Cunningham ’16

Now that the possibility of running through Wilder Bowl (and campus in general) fresh faced and barefoot is more realistic than ever, I figured dropping some more joy is well appreciated. April and May is full of really dope events and so this post is dedicated to sharing those out.

Personally, I am really connected to the Africana community and super supportive of all my folks doing big things on campus, so here are a few of the events I will be in attendance for and you should be too.**Keep in mind that as I receive more concrete details, more events and descriptions will be added!

Runway Through Africa
What: Runway Through Africa
Where: Wilder Main
When: April 4th AND 5th at 8 PM
Price: $3 in advance, $5 at the door

Runway Through Africa (2014) is a fashion show crafted by a close friend of mine, Sophie Umazi Mvurya '16. The event is co-sponsored by the African Students Association (ASA) and ABUSUA (Oberlin's Black Student Union) and will be a wonderful blend of iconic fashion inspired by the African continent. Umazi hails from Kenya and has an unparalleled sense of fashion, creativity and artistry that is reflected in everything she does so this show will be no exception. Please make sure that you make it out and brace yourself for all the wonderfulness that you will experience. The poster is below :)

Colors of Rhythm
What: Colors of Rhythm (CoR)
Where: Finney Chapel
When: April 17th at 6:30 PM
Price: $3 in advance and at the door

Colors of Rhythm is an annual event that allows students of color to both honor and celebrate their culture with the rest of campus there to demonstrate support. Ultimately, CoR provides a forum and dialogue space for artists and performers of colors to share their many talents with the broader Oberlin community.

Michelle Ellison's Senior Recital
What: Michelle's senior voice recital
Where: Warner Concert Hall (Conservatory)
When: April 26th at 6:30 PM
Price: FREE

Michelle is an incredible voice major in the conservatory who has finally arrived at her senior recital time! Please come out to be amazed, touch and inspired by her incredible voice as well as support Michelle in her final conservatory recital on campus.

ABUSUA Presents... Spring Formal 2014: An Afrofuturist's Affair
What: ABUSUA Presents... Spring Formal 2014: An Afrofuturist's Affair
Where: Carnegie Building, Root Room
When: May 10th at 8 PM
Price: TBA

Spring Formal is an annual event sponsored by ABUSUA that hosts a fun night for campus to come together around great food and music while being dressed to impress. The theme this year is Afrofuturism (let your mind run wild, graphics will be provided below). Other cool things to note? Food will be catered, there will be live music, a DJ and a photo booth. Oh, and ticket sales are donated to a local charity, Zion Community Development Corporation (CDC).

Happy Spring, everyone!

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