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Alanna Bennett ’13

Hi! My name is Alanna Bennett, a third year student at Oberlin College. I'm originally from Portland, Oregon, although my family also spent some time in Southern California and I went along for the ride. At Oberlin, I am a Cinema Studies major — although I'm more the type to write about (and for) media and film than the type to make my own (at least for now). I am also Online Editor for the Oberlin Review and webmaster for the Oberlin chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance.

I should warn you all that I am also a gigantic nerd, both in personality and in consumption of media. Although I have taken the Fall 2011 semester off from teaching, I have taught three ExCos in my career at Oberlin: the Sitom ExCo, Musicals of the Stage and Screen, and the Harry Potter ExCo. I am also a voracious taker-of-ExCos, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Murder Mysteries in the U.S (twice).

The basics: I like writing, reading, watching, and spending disgusting amounts of time on the internet. I also like Oberlin. That's pretty much why I'm here. We'll learn more about each other along the way.

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