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August 3, 2009

Brandi Ferrebee ’10

From the time that I applied to Oberlin the second time (more to come on my complicated route to Oberlin later), I knew I was interested in working as an Admissions intern. That hope came true this year when I was hired on as an intern for the summer and for my senior year. I have the unique perspective of having gone through two applications processes and now introducing new applicants to Oberlin, and so I want to give prospective students (or "prospies," as we fondly call you, in reference to our own nickname of "Obies") an idea of what it's like to visit Oberlin as a prospective student.

The Visit Process:

You may or may not check out our website and/or call ahead to check on tour times and book an interview. If you did, you'd know that during the summer we run tours at 10am, noon, and 2:30, have an information session at 1:30, and schedule morning and afternoon interviews. If you just show up, you will probably find this out. But if you plan ahead, you can plan around the ever-informative info session and tour times. How are they important?

Well, in the summer, you can wander around campus all you like, but you're not going to run into many students, since most of the few students on campus are researching in the libraries or science center labs. A better way to get a feel for student life right now would be to take a tour with a real, live student--myself, my summer intern compadres, or perhaps the famous Aries. We walk you around campus, giving you just as much information about our own experiences as we do about what's located where.

The information sessions are led by a counselor and an intern, and they give you the skinny on Oberlin: history, statistics, academic overview, student life, financial aid, and, of course, the application process.

If you sign up for an interview, you'll most likely be interviewing with a student intern, though we might be busy with tours and other interviews, in which case you'll interview with a counselor. There's no advantage to interviewing with an intern vs. a counselor, and our interviews are very low-stress. Generally, we just chat and answer any questions you might have for about 20 minutes in an effort to get a feel for you outside of those magical pieces of paper you send to us (that would be your application). After we answer your questions, we'll meet back up with your parents, if you've brought them along, and answer their questions.

In fact, there are many opportunities to get your questions answered: info sessions, tours, interviews, by calling (1-800-622-OBIE) or e-mailing us (college.admissions@oberlin.edu), or by asking those of us who are lurking around the lobby hoping to answer questions.

More to come later on life as an Admissions intern.

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