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Angelina Martinez ’25

Hi! My name is Angelina Martinez, and I am a third-year studying Comparative American Studies and Politics. I was born and raised in Northside, Houston - a historically Latine neighborhood! I am a proud resident of the Latinx Heritage House, where I have a shark-themed room.

Outside of academics, I am passionate about community care. I am on the board of Obies for Undocumented Inclusion (OUI), a student organization dedicated to celebrating and advocating for undocumented people and anyone impacted by immigration. I am also on the board of El Centro Volunteer Initiative (ECVI) as a Bonner Scholar! ECVI connects Oberlin students with residents of Lorain to provide free English and Citizenship classes in partnership with El Centro de Servicios Sociales. A recent development is that I am researching Chicanas in Northside, Houston as a Mellon Mays Fellow! 

As a first-generation Latina attending Oberlin through the Questbridge National Match scholarship, I know firsthand how daunting and complicated the college application process is. I hope my blogs can offer a guide on what to consider when applying to schools. Most importantly, I hope to help you decide if Oberlin is the best choice for what YOU need and want.

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