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Biba Duffy-Boscagli ’23

Hello, blog readers! My name is Biba and I’m a fourth-year at Oberlin. I’m majoring in art history and minoring in comparative literature. I’m from Santa Barbara, California. 

I really enjoy working with kids in the Oberlin community. I’m a cochair of Girls in Motion, a mentorship program that encourages body positivity and empowerment for young girls through dance. I also teach creative writing to incarcerated youth with the Writers in Residence Program. When I’m not working with kids, I love giving tours at the Allen Memorial Art Museum or brewing coffee at Azariah’s (the on-campus coffee shop)!

When I’m not working, mentoring, or studying, you’ll find me painting in the grass, perhaps with a gallon of chocolate milk and a few friends. I love kite-flying, journaling, eating spectacular food, and finding out about music I’ve never heard of. I’ll climb an odd tree, or try striking a conversation in French with a fluent speaker. Though I’m not very good at running, I do it all the time, and once in a while when inspiration strikes suddenly, I sometimes write beautiful poems.

I’m excited to share my Oberlin experience! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. As an incoming student, I loved reading the blogs and I hope my writing can shed some light on the amazing experiences I’ve had at Oberlin so far. Happy reading!

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