Application Form

Students who are eligible to apply will receive an email from program staff that includes a link to the online application. The application has short-answer prompts and a resume. Submission of applications by mail, email, or fax should only occur if there is a barrier that prevents you from using the online form.

Please do not submit additional copies by mail, email, or fax if your electronic submission is successful.

Application Checklist

The following must be completed and submitted to Oberlin College:

  • Bonner Scholars Program application form, short answer prompts, resume, and two references
  • All forms and documents required by Oberlin College’s financial aid office. These items are submitted directly to the financial aid office; you do not need to submit these items to the Bonner Scholars Program
    • Free Application for Federal Student Aid
    • College Scholarship Service PROFILE
    • Non-Custodial Parent Statement (if applicable)
    • Parent or guardian's most recent federal tax returns