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Research opportunities here rival those found in graduate schools, as faculty invite students into their ongoing research and support student-directed research projects.

two students on standing placing multisensory nodes on a cap that is on the other student's head.
Students in Professor Leslie Kwakye's neuroscience lab work on multisensory neuroscience research using the EEG. Kirsten Heuring ’20 dons the EEG cap as Charlotte Babarinsa ’20 adjusts the nodes. The project takes a closer look at what's actually happening within the brain.
Photo credit: Mike Crupi

We’re committed to developing disciplined, engaged scientists across a wide range of identities and backgrounds, because we believe that promoting diversity in scholarship yields more relevant and meaningful discoveries.

Our Office of Undergraduate Research, top-notch facilities, rich mentoring relationships, and relevant internships and fellowships will complement your research opportunities and experiences.

STRONG Pre-First-Year Program

We created the Science and Technology Research Opportunities for a New Generation (STRONG) program to help underserved populations get their chance to change the world. Oberlin first-year students come to campus in the summer to participate in innovative research with Oberlin professors and meet other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) students. STRONG supports talented STEM students who are women, Pell-eligible, students of color, and or first-generation college students. With limited spots, this program is not only free, but also paid.

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Office of Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) assists students who are conducting faculty-mentored research at Oberlin. With strong intellectual and administrative support, you’ll learn how to embrace a life of inquiry. 

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Faculty Publications

Oberlin faculty are active scholars, writing books on important issues, publishing articles in leading journals, presenting at the premier conferences in their field. They then bring their findings back to the classroom, enriching class discussion with the most current and relevant insights—and in many cases, Oberlin students work as researchers alongside them.

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You need the right tools to advance history, and you’ll have access to them at Oberlin. Whether your focus is sustainability or immunology, physics or planets, we’ve got a resource right here on campus. As inevitable challenges come up in your research, you’ll benefit and learn from our knowledgeable faculty mentors and staff.

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