Sociology Honors Program

The department invites a number of qualified majors to participate in the Honors Program. To be eligible, students must have completed SOCI 301/ SOCI 302 by the end of their junior year. The total amount of work spent in the Honors Program will count as the equivalent of one full course that can be split between the two semesters (e.g., split into two half courses). 

Senior sociology majors are asked to submit a written proposal to the department chair to participate in the Sociology Honors Program at the end of their junior year. Students are not formally accepted into the Honors Program until the research proposal is approved by the department.

The level of Honors is determined by the thesis grade, assessment of oral presentation of the project, and major GPA.

Honor’s thesis are available for your review on OhioLINK EDT Center.

Sociology Honors Theses