French and Italian

Language Placement

Prerequisites and Placement

It is the department’s policy to advance students as fast as achievement warrants. Students who have taken the SAT II Exam in French should enroll in courses according to their score:

550-625: FREN 203 or 205, 206
626-800: FREN 301, 309, or 321

Students with previous study of French who have not taken the SAT II exam should take the Oberlin French Placement Test online to determine their appropriate level.

Suggested Course Sequence

FREN 101-102 (or FREN 103), FREN 205-206 (or FREN 203), FREN 301, other 300-level courses in French, followed by 400 level courses. FREN 301, 309, or 321 is the prerequisite for other courses at the 300-level. Two 300-level courses beyond 301 are the prerequisite for 400-level courses. Other prerequisites may be noted.

Placement Exam

The placement exam will be available online during registration.

Take the Placement Test

Advanced Placement

Students who have received a score of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement (AP) exam in French Language or French Literature will be automatically awarded credit for one course toward graduation, but not toward the major.

Students should enroll in one of the gateway courses for the French major: FREN 301, 309, or 321.