French and Italian

Study Abroad

Oberlin-affiliated programs in French and Francophone countries allow students to immerse themselves in French-speaking environments for a semester, a year, or the summer.

While abroad, students also may explore their individual academic interests—literature, history, cinema, biology, neuroscience, art history, music, economics, international relations, Africa, the Maghreb, environmental studies, aid to developing countries, and more. A total of 15 credits may be transferred from study away programs toward the French major. Credit earned in study away courses may count for both French credit as well as credit in other subject areas. A course taught in French on art history, for example, could be counted for both French and art credit with prior faculty approval.

Several Oberlin-affiliated French programs are available to interested students. We encourage you to contact a member of the French faculty or visit the Office of Study Away in Peters Hall, room 205, to plan your study away experience.

Annual application deadline for all programs: March 15

CIEE Paris Contemporary French Studies
(Recommended for beginning and intermediate French students)

The Center For University Programs Abroad (CUPA)
Recommended for advanced students in literature, sciences, music
(A selective program with mostly Ivy-league participants.)

Testimonial: Amy Hess ’10  

CIEE Paris Critical Studies Program
For literature, film, critical theory

Testimonial: Matt Evans ’08

Sciences Po Reims Campus
For economics, politics, international relations, pre-law, management
(A highly selective, elite, grande-école) 

Testimonial: Emily Ringler ’10

For literature, translation, art history, Mediterranean culture
For literature, Mediterranean culture including the Maghreb

Testimonial: Michelle Ahmad ‘08

For literature, arts, Breton culture

For literature, Arabic language, links between France and North Africa

Environmental Studies in Madagascar

For Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa, development

Testimonial: Cyrus O’Brien ‘08