Environmental Studies

Affiliate Faculty & Scholars

The Environmental Studies Program is comprised of core faculty as well as a program committee whose membership varies and whose college appointments are in such departments as economics, chemistry, psychology, biology, among others.

The Environmental Studies Program also relies on the support and experience of individuals who have formal and courtesy appointments with the college referred to as our affiliate faculty and scholars.

Affiliate Faculty

Affiliate faculty can and often provide private readings for students, supervise projects conducted during winter term, or supervise independent study projects.

Kevin Brown
Chief Facilities Officer, Lecturer for Environmental Studies

Joel Baetens
Campus Energy and Resource Manager

Affiliate Scholars

Environmental Studies Program affiliate scholars have courtesy appointments with the college. They may either work with faculty collaboratively on research, supervise student research, or facilitate faculty or student engagement opportunities with surrounding communities.

Charles Herdendorf
Emeritus Professor of Geological Sciences, School of Earth Sciences, Ohio State University

Sharon Pearson
Council Member, Oberlin City Council

Ben Wisner (CV )
University College London