The Creative Writing Program has a juried curriculum whereby interested students must apply for most courses in the program.

We base the curriculum on the view that reading is essential to a writer’s training. Nine full courses of writing are required for the major and will help you develop your own voice, potential, style, and portfolio. These course  consist of 201 (gateway course), three, 300-level courses, three courses in textual studies, one full or two-half course electives, and one capstone.

The program also offers a minor that requires four full courses in creative writing, one at the 300 level.

Fine-tune your writing through lectures, independent projects, workshops, public readings, and reading assignments that also provide opportunities to present and discuss your work. A variety of internship opportunities and practicum allow you to gain credit for hands-on, real world work, including teaching and editorial assistantships.

Majors can do supervised teaching of creative writing in Oberlin Public Schools or pursue similar related activities. Several campus-based publications employ student writers and welcome student submissions including the Oberlin Review student newspaper, the Oberlin Alumni Magazine, and the Plum Creek Review literary journal, the Synapse science magazine, among others. Majors also contribute their best work to a senior anthology.

About 700 students have majored in creative writing since the Creative Writing Program began, and about 20 to 30 students graduate from the program each year. Many graduates receive fellowships and assistantships to such leading institutions as Brown University, University of Iowa, University of Virginia, and Columbia University to earn the MA, MFA, and PhD.

Those entering the workforce after Oberlin obtain writing positions in varied fields—publishing, law, teaching, government, the ministry, social work, library science, journalism, computer technology, academia, and in various expressions of the arts such as dance, drama, painting, film, and television.