Transfer of Credit

Transfer credit from courses taken at other four-year colleges and universities must be approved on a case-by-case basis.

We highly advise students to secure preapproval for courses they plan to transfer for Oberlin chemistry credit, so that there is a guarantee that the courses are appropriate.

Credit from a two-year college is not accepted. To see a list of American Chemical Society (ACS) approved schools, please visit the ACS website .

Student Steps in the Transfer of Credit Process

  1. Complete both the departmental and the registrar’s office transfer credit forms:
  2. Arrange to meet with the appropriate departmental faculty member (see below) to discuss the appropriateness of the proposed course(s). Be prepared to share or forward information about the proposed course(s) during the meeting, and have both transfer credit forms available and prefilled to the extent possible.  

    For 2020-21, department chair Professor Jason Belitsky will provide all approvals necessary for the transfer of credit process. Students interested in transferring credit that is equivalent to any Oberlin chemistry course (101,102, or 205) should contact him directly.
  3. After the meeting, email the two transfer credit forms, now complete except for signatures, to the department chair, who, in lieu of physically signing the forms, will state that he approves the transfer credit request in a reply email.
  4. Forward the emailed approval to, being sure the completed forms are still attached.