Oberlin Greenhouse

photo of the inside of the Biology Greenhouse
Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko

On the roof of the Science Center, a 2,580 square-foot greenhouse provides the ideal space for botanical investigations by students and faculty. The area includes a work space, and three separate growing bays with individual light and temperature controls.

The greenhouse collection features a wide range of tropical plants including orchids, bromeliads, ferns, and arums, as well as cactuses and succulent species. Specimens from the greenhouse are used for teaching in such biology classes as Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology; Plant Biology; and Plant Systematics.

The greenhouse collection and facility are supported in part by the David Benzing Greenhouse Fund, and are maintained by a part-time manager assisted by student workers.

The greenhouse is ordinarily available only to Oberlin College biology classes. However, it is open to the public during specific campus events such as tours during All Roads and Commencement/Reunion Weekend, and for occasional open houses sponsored by the greenhouse committee.

Want to take a tour of the greenhouse? Please contact Science Center manager Forrest Rose . To schedule a visit, complete the registration form .