Students interested in attending the College of Arts and Sciences are not required to schedule an interview but we strongly recommend it. These interviews serve a dual purpose: you get to know us and we get to know you.

Our interviews are informal, conversational, friendly and typically last 30 minutes. You might meet with admissions staff, senior student interns, or with Oberlin College alumni. We treat each interview option equally in the admissions process.

We welcome high school students to interview with us from February of their junior year through January of their senior year.

We receive a high volume of requests so applicants are permitted only one interview. 

Interviews are for prospective applicants to the College of Arts and Sciences only. Students interested in the Conservatory of Music may wish to schedule a faculty lesson in lieu of an admissions interview.

Where Interviews Take Place

Students may schedule an on-campus interview from May 1 of their junior year through January 31 of their senior year. Be mindful of academic breaks when classes may not be in session. Register online or call the admissions office to arrange an interview, as availability can be limited and spots fill up quickly!

Register for an interview

Questions? E-mail or call (800) 622-6243.

Off-campus interviews are typically only available for students who attend high schools in the United States and Canada. Applicants may only complete one admissions interview regardless of the option chosen.  We limit our interviews to prospective applicants of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Any students interested in an off campus interview may complete the Off Campus Interview Request Form

Interviews are optional and not required as part of the Oberlin College application.  For international students who wish to include an interview with their application, Oberlin College encourages and accepts independent interviews from vendors such as InitialView or Vericant. If you live in China, you can use InitialView and speak personally with an interviewer.  If you live in Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan you can use Vericant to speak personally with an interviewer. If you live outside of these countries, you can use these vendors to speak with an interviewer via a video platform.

Your InitialView or Vericant conversation will be recorded and can be reviewed by Oberlin, as well as being shared with other colleges of your choice. Please note that an interview with InitialView or Vericant is not Oberlin-specific so your interviewer will not be able to answer questions about Oberlin.

There is a cost for this service.  If this option is a financial burden for you and your family, fee waivers are available.

Schedule your interview directly with InitialView or Vericant. We recommend registering for these opportunities as soon as possible to ensure that your materials arrive in our office before the application deadline.

Off-campus interview options typically are only available for students who attend high schools in the United States and Canada. If you live elsewhere, you may be contacted by an Oberlin College Admissions representative after submitting your application with an invitation to set up a Skype interview. Due to the large volume of applicants, we ask that you do not contact us or sign up for a Skype interview.