Art Supplements

A group of students performing in a musical.

Oberlin enrolls a diverse class with a wide variety of interests, and you are welcome to submit supplemental materials to highlight a special accomplishment or talent. Supplemental materials are not required as part of the admissions process. All materials will be reviewed within the context of your application by Oberlin admissions staff. Music supplements will also be reviewed by Oberlin Conservatory of Music faculty to help identify which opportunities in the College’s very active musical community might be a good fit for you.  

Supplement Guidelines

While supplemental materials may highlight any talent, we most commonly see submissions in the following categories:

  • Visual Art
  • Music
  • Theater
  • Dance
  • Creative Writing
  • Cinema Studies

In consideration of the admissions committee's time, we ask that you limit uploads to no more than two samples per talent area (or 10 photos for visual art). Audio or video clips should be no more than five minutes in length total, while writing samples should be no more than fives pages. All common file formats are accepted and there is no fee to submit an artistic supplement.

When submitting a music supplement for classical instrumental areas, two short contrasting solo works, unaccompanied or with accompaniment, are preferred. Performances by chamber ensembles and jazz combos are welcome if it is clear which member of the ensemble is you. Large ensemble recordings (choirs or symphonic bands) are discouraged. 

Submission Instructions

Art Supplements must be submitted online through an applicant's status portal. Applicants will receive instructions on how to access their portal and submit supplemental materials after their Common Application or Coalition Application has been submitted and processed, typically within 1-2 days. Art supplements should be submitted within one week of the application deadline. Any materials that are mailed or emailed to our office will not be reviewed.