Virtual Presentations for the Oberlin College Undergraduate Research Symposium will be available April 27 - May 2, 2020.

Authors, titles, and abstracts can be found below. To view a presentation, click the link!

Tips for navigating the Airtable

  • Want to view presentations based on subject? 
    • Click "Sort" along the top of the base
      • Click "Pick a field to sort by"
      • Select "Major" from the drop-down box (or try sorting by authors, mentors, or presentation type to view records that way)
    • Or, click "Filter" along the top of the base
      • Click "Add filter"
      • Click "Authors" to change the field to "Major" in the drop-down box
      • Select an option like "Chemistry", "Neuroscience", or "Art History" to see presentations by students with those listed majors.
  • Want to search for someone in particiular?
    • Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the base and type their name. Their record will become highlighted and you can click their name to view their record.
  • Need to see expand your view of the Airtable? 
    • Scroll down to the lower right hand corner of the base and click "View larger version." 

Live Q&A will take place Friday, May 1, 2020 and Saturday, May 2, 2020 for the Oberlin College community only, via Blackboard discussion boards. 

  • Log in to Blackboard using your obieID and password. You will need an email address to access the live Q&A discussion boards.
  • Navigate to the Oberlin College Undergraduate Research Symposium page
  • To access the discussion boards, follow the instructions on the announcement page to enroll in the "course"
  • Once you've enrolled, click the "Discussion Boards" link on the lefthand toolbar
  • Most participating students will be listed in alphabetical order by first name. Scroll down to the student you want to interact with and click their name.
  • Click "Create Thread" to type a question. Hit submit to send.
  • Students will be available according to the schedule in the airtable above. You may post questions ahead of time and read them during the live event, or after.
  • Email with any questions or for technical assistance