Tyrone Wicks

  • Assistant Director of Campus Safety



Tyrone Wicks comes to Oberlin College with over 20 years of public safety experience. Before joining Oberlin College, he served as a National Field Operations Manager serving clients such as Samsung, Best Buy, Walmart, and Acer delivering technology solutions teams primarily in Florida and Texas. During Wicks' professional career he has served and retired as a Florida Sheriff’s Deputy who served in several roles in the Sheriff’s office, including School Resource Officer duty and federal and state task forces. He is the current President of the Ohio Chapter of the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators, the nation's largest association of Campus Safety professionals.

Wicks is an Oberlin native and has family ties to Oberlin College spanning decades. He has worked in the Oberlin College Campus Safety Department as a Supervisor and looks forward to continuing his service to the Oberlin Community.