Study Away

Application Process

Applying to study away is a two-step process that involves
1. applying to Oberlin for approval and
2. applying directly to study away programs.

Step 1: Apply to Oberlin for Approval at

Deadline: See for semester-specific deadlines

You're required to meet this deadline in order to obtain institutional approval for an academic leave of absence to study away.

Step 2: Apply to the Specific Study Away Program(s)

Depending on the application date for the specific program(s) you have chosen, and the semester in which you are hoping to study away, you may apply to the program before, at the same time as, or after, applying for permission from Oberlin to be away.

We strongly encourage you to apply for admission no later than March 1 for fall or full academic year programs and by October 1 for spring programs.

Note: Some programs may have earlier deadlines, while others may fill up prior to their stated deadlines. Early applications are advised.