art student in art studio with paint on his hands as he stands in front of a large canvas.
An art student takes a break from working on a large-scale project. Photo credit: Tanya Rosen-Jones ’97
Program Overview

Studio Art

Program Type: Major, Minor
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Department: Art

Our courses for studio art majors will enhance students’ awareness of and sensitivity to the visual arts through engaging in the actual intellectual and technical processes by which works of art come into being. Studio art majors learn to understand the world in visual terms and to conceptualize their ideas through their own work.

Why Study Studio Art at Oberlin?

Associated Faculty
Variety of Courses
Study Away Programs

Sample Courses

  • ARTS 052 - Visual Concepts and Processes: Introduction to Black and White Photography 4 credits
  • ARTS 076 - Problems in: Photography Mixed Media 4 credits
  • ARTS 095A - Senior Studio and Thesis - Full 4 credits
  • ARTH 150 - Approaches to Western Art 4 credits

Studio Art News

People wearing mouth and nose masks walk through an art gallery.

The Allen Memorial Art Museum Reopens

September 1, 2020
Late last month, a small group of new Oberlin faculty members stood in a large circle, six feet apart, in the King Sculpture Court of the Allen Memorial Art Museum. The invited group were among the first visitors inside the space since it closed in late March. This month the museum reopens with regular hours to members of the college community.