Program Overview


Students who pursue the major course of study in the Department of Russian Language, Literature, and Culture will explore Russia’s extraordinarily rich literary and cultural terrain; develop linguistic and cultural competence in a beautiful, expressive language; and become engaged and effective thinkers and writers.

Program Facts

Program Director

Thomas (Tom) Newlin,
Professor of Russian


Russian House

Students who want to practice and improve their Russian speaking skills may want to consider living in Allencroft. Also known as Russian House, it can comfortably accommodate 15 students. Here you and your housemates might cook a meal, read poetry, debate current issues, or watch movies—mostly in Russian.

Russia House
Students recite original and favorite Russian poems during Russian Poetry Night.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Russian Department

Russian Faculty

“One of the really wonderful things about being a professor is that every year you have the chance to meet and get to know lots of interesting new people—your students!”

Thomas (Tom) Newlin, Professor of Russian

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