Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies

Awards and Funding for REES Students

A number of internal and external grants, scholarships, and awards are available to support REES students’ studies, research, and professional development.

OCREECAS Internships

The Oberlin Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies has an internship program for advanced and recent graduates to practice their Slavic language skills in Russia, other former Soviet republics, and Eastern Europe. The program covers travel and living expenses while students apply their linguistic and cultural studies to volunteering at a variety of organizations. Note that in order to be considered for an OCREECAS internship, students must typically have prior experience in the region, a high command of the language, and coursework in Russian/Russian and East European Studies.

The Richard Lankford Memorial Student Research Award

Given annually, this award is made in memory of Richard Lankford, a career diplomat, who considered his fluency in a variety of languages, including Russian and Slovak, vital to his success as a foreign service officer. Awards are made each spring by the Russian and East European Studies Program to support student research and educational opportunities, including, but not limited to, students’ expenses related to travel, books, materials, and expenditures that will increase their knowledge and appreciation for Russian and East European languages and cultures.

Students may apply for an award of up to $750. Successful applicants will typically have completed two years of Russian or other Slavic language by the time of the award. Interested students should contact the REES chair to apply.

Jerome Davis Research Award

REES students with a social science focus may be eligible for the Jerome Davis Research Award, whose namesake and donor worked in Russia with the YMCA during the revolution of 1917 after graduating from Oberlin. This award makes available study grants to “Honors and other well-qualified students in the social sciences at Oberlin to assist them in doing field work in a community as part of their academic programs. In awarding the grants, consideration will be given to financial needs.’’

Every fall and spring term, the Jerome Davis Research Award Committee invites high-quality applicants from Oberlin College Honors and other advanced students (except Senior Scholars). The award helps defray research costs for well-defined field work projects that focus on and benefit or have some implications for a community (broadly defined). Students can apply for reimbursement for research already undertaken, but need to submit receipts with the application.

Awards do not exceed $750 and may be used for expenses related to travel to and from a research site, interviewing, supplies, equipment rental, and so on. The awards do not fund photocopying of an honors thesis. The field work should result in a research paper. Interested students can find contact and application information online.

External Grants

Our seniors and graduates regularly receive grants and fellowships through opportunities such as the U.S. Fulbright Student Program to pursue postgraduate research, teaching, professional development, and additional studies in Russia, Eastern Europe, and beyond.

Interested students should consult with their advisors and with Oberlin’s Fellowships and Awards office.