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This Week in Photos: Orientation and All the Feels

September 22, 2021

Yvonne Gay

Two excited freshmen girls hold armloads of clothes.
Jerri Harris (left) and Andrea Phillips make their way to Dascomb Hall on move-in day in 1966.
Photo credit: Arthur E. Princehorn

Two first-year students in the Class of 1970, each carrying an armload of clothes through the parking lot near Dascomb Hall, serves as inspiration for this week’s photo series.

Move-in day has always been an exciting time for students and families. After first-year and returning students unload precariously packed vehicles and shuttle suitcases and boxes to homes away from home, exploration of the campus and the surrounding community begins. 

Scholars from across the country and various parts of the world will be making their way to Oberlin next week and all students will once again be back on campus. As first day jitters subside, schedules will fill with in-person Orientation activities that include games, movies, open houses, field trips, concerts, and variety shows. 

Although recent years have brought their own challenges, many of the move-in day and Orientation feels—nervousness, excitement, uncertainty—continue to resemble those observed by classes that have gone before. This week’s photo series is a throwback to past Orientations. Styles and events may have changed, but the feels remain.

A woman helps two girls unload boxes from a station wagon.
Dale Hurst (left) helps two first-year students unload their station wagon across from Dascomb Hall. Photo credit: Arthur E. Princehorn, 1966
A girl and father unload a packed car.
Move in day 2008. Photo credit: Dale Preston ’83
A line of nervous college freshmen.
Orientation 1966. Photo credit: Arthur E. Princehorn
A large group of students walk down a sidewalk.
Orientation 2013. Photo credit: Dale Preston '83
A professor in a suit addresses a class.
Professor of Art Paul Arnold addresses a group of first-year students. Photo credit: Arthur E. Princehorn, 1966
A girl plays a grand piano in front of an audience.
Orientation concert. Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko, 2015
Long lines of students talk to people behind long tables.
Students register for classes. Photo credit: Courtesy of the Office of Communications, 1971
A student talks to a person seated behind a desk.
A new student stops by the registration desk in Dascomb Hall. Photo credit: Walter Novak, 2015
Two older people talk to a student.
A first-year student meets Edward Kormondy and his wife at a reception. Photo credit: Arthur E. Princehorn, 1966
A person talks to a large group of students in a concert hall.
President Carmen Twillie Ambar’s opening session in Finney Chapel. Photo credit: Scott Shaw, 2017


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