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This Week in Photos: Marveling the Technique

February 9, 2022

Yvonne Gay

A student uses an eyedropper to add color to a tray of liquid.
Students use marbling techniques in the Papermaking and Book Art Winter Term project.
Photo credit: Yvonne Gay

An eyedropper filled with blue pigment hovers over a shallow tray of clear liquid. With steady hands the small droplets of color are released and waft along the surface. Seconds later a pale freeform circle is formed. The students performing these marbling techniques in papermaking are examples of the many projects taking place this Winter Term. They also serve as inspiration for this week’s photo series.


A small room with students working at long tables.
Papermaking in Hales Gymnasium. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay

Tucked inside the basement of Hales Gymnasium is a small group of students who meet with artist and award-winning author Aimee Lee ’99. The group is constructing handmade paper in the context of global history and culture. Using East Asian and European techniques, they apply materials to make and decorate paper that will be bound into books. See more photos.

We continue our tour with a brisk walk across campus to the Geology Department in the Carnegie Building. Next, we’ll pull up a seat in King 123 for Intensive Greek; explore marginalized music in Bibbins Hall; set type and hand-crank sheets from the letterpress in Mudd Center; and visit Peters Hall, where the Language Lab has been transformed into a 3D printing room.

Two students look inside a drawer filled with plastic jars of soil samples.
Students in the Geomorphology Research project process soil samples from Martha’s Vineyard. See more photos. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay
A girl writes Greek letters on a chalkboard.
Learning at the blackboard in Greek 101. See more photos. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay
A group of students listen to two students playing horns.
Students explore, analyze, perform, and record music by composers who have been traditionally marginalized in formal conservatory education. See more photos. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay
Students work at a hand-cranked letterpress.
Students gain experience-based instruction in the operation of two types of hand-operated presses, moveable type, and linocuts in a letterpress group project. See more photos. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay
A student looks through a 3D printer.
Students gain knowledge and experience in assembling electronics, 3D modeling, troubleshooting, and other valuable tools in 3D Printing 101. See more photos. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay


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