Students Present Research at Chemical Society Conference

Areas of focus include antibiotic resistence and protein profiling.

April 11, 2023

Office of Communications

Seven students seated with their mentors in front of a sign that reads "Proud Chemist."
Seven students, joined by professors Will Parsons (far left) and Lisa Ryno (far right), presented research at the American Chemical Society's March conference.
Photo credit: courtesy of Lisa Ryno

Oberlin chemistry and biochemistry students and faculty traveled to the American Chemical Society’s National Meeting in Indianapolis in late March to present posters on their research and learn about cutting-edge science.

Seven students took part in the conference, along with professors Will Parsons and Lisa Ryno.

“We are proud to be Oberlin chemists!” says Ryno (pictured far right; Parsons far left).

Following are the students who participated and the subjects of their research:

Cassie Davies ’24: Competitive activity-based protein profiling of RHBDL2 and RHBDL4 for inhibitor discovery

Anna Francis ’23: Transcriptomic analysis of rhamnose treatment on E. coli planktonic and biofilm cells

Jenna Frizzell ’23: Influence of RpoH and RpoF overexpression on quinolone, macrolide, and glycopeptide antibiotic tolerance and biofilm growth in E. coli

Ellie Ko ’25: Influence of overexpression of the phosphodiesterase YhjH on E. coli biofilm formation and composition

Allison Lupatkin ’24: Development of whole-cell sensors for low concentration antibiotic detection

Kyogo Nagashima ’24: Exploring the influence of environmental lactose on Biofilm formation and composition in E. coli

Ryan Taylor ’23: Changes in tolerance of amphenicol and tetracycline antibiotics with stress-responsive transcription factor overexpression in E. coli

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